First cases of Taylor’s 2009 Vintage Port are shipped

Northern Ireland is the destination of the first shipment of Taylor’s Vintage 2009 which left our lodges this morning.

With an average annual temperature of 12ºC in Northern Ireland, everyday of the year is perfect for drinking Taylor’s Vintage Port. No wonder then, United Wine Merchants were so eager to be the first to ship and receive their order of the outstanding Taylor’s 2009 Vintage Port.

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Gail Service, United Wine Merchants Commercial Director commented: “United Wine Merchants is very proud to receive the first shipment of Taylor’s 2009 Vintage Port to leave Vila Nova de Gaia.  Taylor’s has ‘declared’ 2009 so we know the vintage will be of exceptional quality, will have excellent long-term ageing potential and will be highly desired amongst Northern Ireland  port connoisseurs.”

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